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Diwal'Oween is a whimsical family comedy combining the holidays Diwali and Halloween.

Festival of Light vs. Fright Night!

Synopsis: Neenu and Bobby want to introduce their parents on Diwali the festival of lights, but nephew Jai wants a spooktacular Halloween. Everything goes wrong when the two holidays clash on the same night. The dog runs away, the kids get lost, and Bobby gets into trouble on his way to the party.  How will they ever have the perfect holiday?

Running Time: 42 min

Rated: G, Universal, Family

Genre: Comedy (Family, Romantic, Absurdist)

Style: Multi-Camera, Sitcom, American Independent

Audience: Wide, Commercial, Family, Multi-ethnic, Seniors

Winner of 13 Awards

Bali to Baltimore

Best Actor

Best October Content

Best Family Series

Audience Award

& more!

Shilpa w_Award Collection crop 1


Meetu Chilana (Cirque du Soleil)

Swann Gruen (Inside Amy Schumer)

Abeer Khan (Patriot Act Hasan Minhaj)

Susham Bedi (The Big Sick)

Manvir Singh (Caroline's Standup)

Bev Sheehan (As The World Turns)

Chris Cotton (Center City)

Rehnuma Rahman

Sorab Wadia 

Albert Chan

Sparrowhawk (High Maintenance)

Juanita Gordon 

James Hunter

David Pendleton 

Siraj Huda

James Hunter eating pastry 1
Camerawoman crop 2

Made by

75% Women

Cast & Crew

Both in front of and behind camera!

Manvir and Sparrowhawk in Chinatown

Made in the USA

Chinatown, New York

Little India, New Jersey

Approximately 3.5 Million South Asian Americans visit New Jersey for ethnic shopping and food.

Diverse & Inclusive American Characters

- South Asian Americans 

- African-Americans

- Native Americans

- Jewish Americans

- Muslim Americans

- Hindu Americans

- Sikh Americans

- Caucasian Americans

- LGBT+ Americans

Juanita and Manvir with sparklers crop 1



Multi-cultural America 

Culture Clash

Light vs. Dark



Neenu Kisses Bobby crop 1
Yoga Chai scene crop 1


Similar to: 

Meet the Parents 

The Goonies 


Fresh Off The Boat 

Never Have I Ever

Family Cheering


42 Min Holiday Film

with room for commercials

WEB SERIES: Length: 7 webisodes x 5-7 minutes each

Branded Content/Product Placement Opportunities Available

Soundtrack Featuring Grammy Award-winning Musicians

Grammy Winners

Maneesh Bidaye (Drake)


Grammy Nominee

Young the Giant

DJ Rekha


Todd Michaelsen

Kevin Macleod


Dancers 2


Shilpa Mankikar 

Biljana Ilic 

Ari Rothschild 

Aitor Mendilibar 

Owen Strock 

Jillian Mackintosh 

Jay Chandran 

Rina Shah 

Nadia Junaid

Asha touching up Meetu's makeup crop 1
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